About BizOne

BizOne offers services within  Business Intelligence and Data Warehouse. We are proud to have delivered some of the most qualified and sofisticated Data Warehouse and Business Intelligence solutions in Scandinavia.

A Complete Partner

BizOne aims to be one of the most attractive and complete consulting and knowledge partners in Business Intelligence, Data Warehousing and Data Integration. Many of our consultants have worked with BI since the early 90s and among our clients are large companies in industries such as banking, telecommunications, insurance, retail, transportation, travel, forestry, and construction.

Our driving force is the commitment to our customers and the challenges they face when creating maximum business value from solutions for BI, Data Warehousing and integration. BizOne has developed and delivered comprehensive BI platforms to the largest and most demanding Data Warehouse solutions in Sweden. We are passionate about our business and the possibility to develop our customers’ BI processes.

Focus on Business Value

The business value of our solutions is measured in terms of improved analytical capabilities, better overview, increased efficiency and stronger customer relationships, increased sales, faster and more profitable decisions, as well as a shorter route to new business opportunities.

We can help you develop BI tools that enable you to control your business in a more efficient and smarter way.

Business Intelligence made easy!