Words from the CEO

The trend is evident, the market goes against an ever-increasing adaptation of the cloud and takes advantage of its benefits and flexibility!

The major cloud providers today all have strong offers in data warehousing, analytics, IoT, machine learning, AI and so on. They are frequently releasing various offers to simplify advanced analysis for all types of organizations out there.

In the case of Business Intelligence (BI) and Data Warehouse (DW) solutions, which by nature are difficult to estimate hardware needs, the cloud solutions are exceptionally good. We often get questions from new and existing customers about how their solutions should be configured, how much memory is needed, disk, etc? The challenge with BI solutions is that, in order to get performance and in the end satisfied users, they must be siezed based on peak usage. By using serverless solutions, you can instead buy capacity when you need it, avoiding paying for a lot of capacity waiting for these peaks.

We also see a clear shift from major licensing investments (capex) to paying for what you need (opex) that comes with cloud solutions, the product we’ve chosen to invest heavily in is Microsoft Power BI, where we see a big and fast growth. In general, we think Microsoft currently have the best combination of Business Intelligence, Advanced Analysis, and Datawarehouse, tools and capabilities, which means we will continue to invest in Microsoft Azure, which is Microsoft’s cloud offering. As part of this effort, we continue to certify our consultants, and successfully build and run customer solutions in Azure. We are now both Cloud Service Provider and Gold Analytics Partner to Microsoft, and this is something we will continue to invest in.

David Arenbo, CEO BizOne