Advanced Analytics

Explore the full potential in your data using advanced analytics combined with expertise from BizOne. We can help you to understand the possibilities of advanced analytics and design and implement your solution based on your opportunities and needs.

Manual identification of data patterns are getting harder as the amounts of data is growing more complex. In 2009 more data was produced than all the years before that (Source: MIT Sloan Management Review). There is a lot of potential in all this data – predicting future events such as maintenance (see this case from Pentaho) and adapted content and products based on the customer’s behaviour – but we will be far from reaching that potential without automatic methods.

Data Mining

Data Mining is the process where algorithms are applied on data to find patterns, that would be hard to discover with the help of tables and diagrams. It has for long been used in the academic world but is now moving into all industries at scale. One the most common use cases for Data Mining so far is to adapt better to customer needs, and thus improve customer satisfaction. With the help of statistical models of the business – that is all transactions and information about customer behaviour – data mining is used to see trends and patterns in the historical data. The findings are used in improving products and services, routines and processes, and to “predict the future”, so that we can prepare for it.

Machine Learning

Machine Learning is a subset Artificial Intelligence and its goal is to enable computers to learn on their own. Learning algorithms are used to enable a machine to identify patterns in data, build models that explain these patterns and then predict what might happen without having to pre-program rules. To learn more about Machine Learning and how it works, head over to our blog.


Take your analytics to the next level.

Creating value through data

Data Mining and Machine Learning makes possible cost effective customer recruitment, better aimed marketing campaigns, identification of fraud, predicting the need for maintenance - and many other things. A major difference between Data Mining-projects and "normal" BI-projects is that the return on investment is realized much faster, if the idea and hypotheses behind the effort are good.

The results from the Data Mining-process can be used to predict existing or new customers' future behaviours, which products they will like and how content they will be.

Data Mining might sound lika a magic black box, but on a basic level it is statistics, although with rocket boosters on of course - programmed algorithms that is...

What BizOne can offer you

The key success factors in Data Mining are data quality and a good understanding of activities and operations. Feeding data into algorithms is not enough – extensive knowledge in mathematics and statistics is a must to develop the algorithms, as well as technical skills for handling big data as well as a sound understanding of the business.

At BizOne we have consultants with many years of Data Mining experience and advanced analytics. We can offer help in designing and implementing solutions based on your specific needs, and help you integrate them with your current environment, be it SAP Business Objects, Cognos, Microsoft or others, as well as developing completely adapted solutions from the ground.

Analysis of social media

Do you know what is being written about you in social medias?

Analysis of social media can give precious insights into what customers, clients and the public think about your and your products and services.

We're on the lookout for

Data Scientists

We are looking for Data Scientists to join our office in Stockholm.

You wish to work as a consultant focused on advanced analytics, machine learning and complex problem solving together with our clients. You are a creative problem solver who like to chew complex challenges and an enthusiastic developer in languages such as R and Python.

As a specialist in our team of BI consultants you will work in "pure" Data Science-missions, but also contribute with your expertise in other Business Intelligence projects where it is relevant, as well as in Data Science-related courses.

Predictive analytics is fun!


The course in advanced analytics using R gave a taste for more. I can see specific use cases and look forward to applying R in my work!

Course participant, The course "Introduction to R and R Studio"