BI Strategy

BizOne has helped many companies implementing their Business Intelligence solutions and strategies. A successful implementation combines high quality technology and an understanding of the organization’s strategy and needs.

The long-term objective is to become a truly data driven organization. In addition to learning new tools many parts of the organization will have to learn new ways of thinking, new ways to make decisions and new ways of performing daily work.

How Mature is Your BI Organization Today?

The model below illustrates BizOne’s model for analyzing an organization’s BI maturity. The model is inspired by Gartner’s ”ITScore Maturity Model” (Gartner 2012).


Why Become a Data Driven Organization?

Being data driven implies that data is an integrated part of every co-worker’s daily work and decision-making. How have I performed today? What do customers think of our current deliveries? How did our changes affect results?

In a data driven organization work is measured and driven from data and analysis first, and gut feeling second (instead of the opposite). We steer towards what actually creates value instead of guessing. Performance is rewarded by what we know instead of what we think. And data is used not only to create value for us, but also for our customers.

What would this mean for your organization?

Don’t forget to download our whitepaper on BI Strategy and Organization. It goes more into depth on how to create and implement a new BI Strategy and set up the right organization to support it.

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