Business Intelligence

We have worked with Business Intelligence for over ten years. As a result we have faced most challenges that you can face in a BI-project. 

We are specialists in Microsoft Analytics, MicroStrategy, and Open Source-tools such as Pentaho and Talend. We have industry experience from banking and finance, insurance, retail, the public sector, telecom – and more. Thereby we can tap into our industry-wide experience and often see opportunities that our customers are unaware of.


BISS Decision Support System

Our unique concept BISS is a complete Decision Support System and a rental solution that makes life easier for you as a customer. BISS includes a complete framework for Business Intelligence.

Some of the BI-products we work with


BizOne has worked with MicroStrategy since 2001, and has Sweden’s most experienced MicroStrategy-consultants. We have helped customers create great dashboards and interactive maps, adapted user interfaces and budget solutions.

OpenSource BI

Pentaho and Talend are two very qualified OpenSource-solutions that stack up well against the more traditional BI-solutions. We have worked with them since 2009.

Both products are actually substantially more mature than traditional solutions when it comes to new technologies within Business Intelligence. For example, they come with complete integrations against Hadoop, Spark and noSQL-databases such as MongoDB.

BISS Decision Support System

Our service BISS is a unique rental solution

It's easier, faster and cheaper to get started with BISS compared to traditional BI systems. In 2-8 weeks you can use a complete and well-designed BI system adapted to your needs. To get a Business Intelligence system delivered as a service at a fixed monthly cost has many advantages and our rental solution is unique at the Swedish BI market.

We're on the lookout for


We are looking for you who want to work as a BI-consultant in a growing company.

You have worked with BI-solutions for at least two years and thrive when working on the boundary between business users and IT. You have experience from BI-tools such as SAP Business Objects, Cognos, QlikView, Tableau, Jaspersoft, Pentaho and Microstrategy. You have a relevant academic degree and can express yourself well in speech and writing.


The curiosity to explore new BI technologies and methods has always been a driving force for us at BizOne. Technology and methods never have a value on their own - they are tools for delivering great solutions that we, together with our customers, can be proud of.

Håkan Bellarp, Partner and founder