BISS Cloud Based Business Intelligence

BISS is a powerful cloud based Business Intelligence solution that collects data from all of your business systems and integrates them into a dimensional model that you can access using the front end of your choice.

There is often a lot of built-in analytical possibilities in today’s operational systems, but when you want an overview of the combined data you need an integrated solution. We configure BISS to collect data from your business critical systems, and crunch it to make it simple to use and analyze.

BISS is a cloud based service. Our customers pay a monthly fee that includes ETL and DW. The monthly fee is fixed and includes hardware and software upgrades.

Advantages with BISS compared to traditional BI solutions

  • One supplier
  • ­Fixed monthly cost
  • Quick to implement
  • Stable
  • No IT skills needed

BISS Retail

BISS Retail is a BI solution that is purpose built. It gives access to information and detailed knowledge about internal loss, margin optimization and transactions.

With BISS Retail you can analyze inventory, orders, sales, campaigns, e-commerce and google analytics.

BISS is a cloud based BI solution, which means that all technical infrastructure is in place. This in combination with our proven method leads to very short implementation cycles. Our customers are up and running within 2-8 weeks.

Contact us to find out more!


Contact us to find out more!