ETL & Data Integration

BizOne helps companies and other organisations to build effective and stable ETL / Data Integration processes. Using modern ETL-tools you get better control of data flows,  lower maintenance costs and become less person-dependent.

Extract – Transform – Load

In the ETL-process data is loaded from the source systems that are relevant for analysis and Business Intelligence. Common sources are ERPs, HR systems, CRM, Google Analytics, Facebook, standardized Excel-docuemts and others. It can also be useful to add data from external systems, such as weather data and public statistics.

In the ETL-process, good data quality is ensured, which is the groundwork for all qualified BI solutions. Loads must often handle large amounts of data, frequent loads – sometimes in real time – error handling and changing dimensions.

To give users the best possible conditions to analyse data a well defined conceptual model – what do the available data fields mean and how are KPIs defined? The data model should be optimized so that common analyses and queries are fast. At BizOne we are used to these challenges – we see them daily among our customers.

We often see data warehouses optimized for storage – great if that is the purpose of course. But the case for a data warehouse is usually analysis, insight and knowledge, and then you need to adapt the DW for that. By adding an analysis layer, BI development gets faster and superusers get more power under their feet.

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Microsoft BI-developers

We recruit specialists to our Stockholm and Norrköping offices.

We are looking for you who have worked with Microsoft's BI-stack for at least 2 years, and wish to work as a Business Intelligence consultant. You will help our customers build world class solutions, which not only requires top technical skills but also successful communication. You like to communicate with colleagues and customers and are used to translating business needs to technology. You have a relevant academic degree and are skilled at expressing yourself in speaking as well as writing.