Microsoft Analytics

Microsoft Business Intelligence, or Microsoft Analytics Platform System, is Sweden’s most common platform for business analysis and decision support. It provides a complete set of BI tools that are easily configurable, scalable and secure. All tools in the stack can be used either as standalone or as part of a SharePoint site, and can be fully integrated with Excel.

Many companies in Sweden, who choose to have their operational databases in SQL Server, already have these BI tools. Thus, they are only a few steps from building their decision support processes with the help of Microsoft and to unleash the power of their own data.

The Microsoft BI stack is complete and covers needs in both back-end and front-end spectra of decision support:

  • SQL Server (2012 and 2014 editions are the most popular) for management of relational databases.
  • Integration Services (SSIS), an ETL engine with GUI-based development tools for data transformation, or Data Mining models.
  • Analysis Services (SSAS), an OLAP server with the handling of cubes and Data Mining flows.
  • Reporting Services (SSRS), a reporting engine and editor, configurable as a web service.
  • DataZen, a dashboard solution, which builds apps for the web or mobile (iOS, Android and Windows Phone).
  • Power BI, self-service BI in the cloud that makes powerful dashboards easy to create.

BizOne has a long experience with SQL Server and other Microsoft BI components.  We work within all areas of the stack including data loading, data modeling, data mining, reporting and creating dashboards.