BizOne is one of Thailand’s most experienced MicroStrategy consultants and we have worked with the platform since 2001. For years, MicroStrategy has belonged to the top tier of analysis tools on the market.

MicroStrategy Analytics

MicroStrategy Analytics is an analytics platform that is simple to administer, makes it easy to develop powerful applications, and is suitable for both small and large applications. With its fully integrated metadata, used throughout the platform’s components, administrators, developers and end users have a coherent and reliable analysis environment, which can easily be scaled up when applications are growing. Data for the analysis application can be extracted from a large number of different types of data sources. Analysis can be done directly from your web interface, mobile phone or any Microsoft Office product such as Word or Excel.

MicroStrategy Analytics Has All of the Functionality that You Need:

  • Fast and easy analyzes of your company’s data from interactive dashboards that have both graphics and tables.
  • You can create and publish secure and reliable analyzes to support and improve your company’s business (Enterprise-grade BI) via advanced interactive dashboards, drilling reports, and reports for entry of baseline data.

With MicroStrategy you can take advantage of unexplored and previously unmanageable large amounts of data – Big Data.