Case - Östgötatrafiken

BizOne modernized Östgötatrafiken’s on-prem data warehouse by migrating to a cloud architecture on Microsoft Azure.

Östgötatrafiken plans and coordinates public transport in Östergötland. In addition, they are responsible for public and hospital transportation services in eight of the Sweden’s municipalities. Östgötatrafiken only owns the commuter trains and there vehicles are owned by transport companies that won the tenders and run on behalf of Östgötatrafiken.

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Jenny Malmborg

Jenny has worked as a business developer at Östgötatrafiken since February 2018. She also works as a management manager for the organization’s business system, which includes data storage.

Here she talks about the migration of data from the previous data warehouse solution to the cloud.


What kind of data do you collect and what are your data storage needs?

A large part of our data storage is used for traffic planning – buses, trams, commuter trains and archipelago traffic. We collect data to be able to control the traffic and to perform line analysis. The other big part is the system we use for booking travel services and health trips. There we also collect a lot of data so that we can follow up costs and cancellations and the like on behalf of the municipalities.

Then we also have more generic data such as customer questions, sales, revenue and traffic costs.

We do not control the traffic itself, we purchase services from various transport companies so that the follow-up also needs to be done.

How did you move data storage to the cloud?

Since 2009, we have had a data warehouse at BizOne in their own data center. However, the solution was approaching a technical end and we needed to look at alternatives. BizOne recommended a move to Microsoft Azure. Östgötatrafiken’s long-term strategy is to move the appropriate part of the organization to the cloud, and we wanted to be able to collect more data from the traffic. The cloud makes it easier for us to save and analyze larger amounts of data. In parallel, we had already moved other parts to Azure so it was not something we felt any concern about.

Once we agreed on a solution with BizOne, the implementation went smoothly. While working in parallel with the old data store, we noticed almost nothing at all, they took responsibility for the entire migration. The only real difference for us was that the data storage was moved from one place to another. We have had a good collaboration with Håkan Bellarp, who is our main contact person at BizOne.

More about the solution

BizOne recommended a modern cloud-based architecture that takes advantage of all the features of the cloud. The solution is integrated with Azure Active Directory and is only available from Östgötatrafiken’s network.

All ETL was moved to Azure Data Factory and the database was moved to Azure SQL Database. BizOne also helped Östgötatrafiken with a solution for manual files, using Sharepoint online and Azure Data Factory.