IoT - Internet of Things

There are several ways to get value out of your sensor data, we help you on the journey – from idea to operational ML analytics, and all in between.

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Internet of things



Internet of Things – IoT consists of several different compnants. Microsoft Azure IoT has chosen to describe their solution according to the following division, which is completely in line with how we work and implement our customer projects. 

Things – different objects that contain different types of sensors that are connected to a network and can read, for example, temperatures, vibrations, pressure, light, etc. Sometimes they can also control the object in question. 

Insights – the sensors emit a lot of data that needs to be collected for storage and when you analyze this data you create insights, for example that your freezer is drawing way too much electricity, or that the door opener on the bus is about to break.

Actions – how to act on the insights gained from the analysis. It can happen automatically, or by informing someone to carry out, for example, maintenance on an elevator, by creating an automatic work order.


Collect, transform and scale value

We help you to collect, transform and turn your sensordata into valuable and actionable information. Using Microsoft Azure IoT in combination with our development framework, gives you an edge!

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We have extensive experience with IoT and help you to

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