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We are a consulting company that are specialists in everything to do with data – data integration, visualization, data-driven decisions and data analysis.

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We know everything to do with data.


About us

About BizOne

We are industry leaders and Microsoft specialists, providing businesses with modern analytics solutions on-premise and on the cloud.

We are focused on building and operating modern analytics solutions in the cloud using our favorite solutions – Microsoft Azure and Google Cloud Platform, but also on prem based on Microsoft products.

about us

Solid experience

We have industry experience from banking and finance, insurance, retail, the public sector, telecom and more. Using this experience, we often see opportunities that our customers are unaware of.

Our industry-proven solutions on Microsoft SQL Server and Microsoft Azure can help you at all stages of your business intelligence maturity.

microsoft azure

Why our customers choose BizOne

140 Bn USD

Thats the total revenues of our five largest customers (2015)



58% of our consultants have more than 10 years of experience in Business intelligence (as of Dec 2016)


7 out of 10 customers order development within both Backend and Frontend


Our partners

We are proud to be a Microsoft Gold Partner in Data Analytics.


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