Databricks is a cloud based platform for data engineering, data science and machine learning. Connect to learn more or get a demo. We are partners with Databricks.

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Unified Analytics Engine

Databricks is a data platform that allows you to manage all different analysis use cases quickly, easily, and cost-effectively. The platform is developed with open-source code and does not lock you into any proprietary formats, like many of the competitors.
Apache Spark is the underlying “analytics engine” built to handle big data and AI/machine learning. The platform is available in all major clouds (AzureAWS  and GCP) and gives you secure and fast access to interactive workspaces to enable collaboration between business analysts, data engineers, and data scientists to explore and visualize data.

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What can we help you do with Databricks?

Data Warehousing

Using our proven framework, we help you build a fast, simple, and scalable data warehouse that eliminates the need to invest in costly ETL pipelines and scales on- demand, revolutionizing the way data teams analyze their data sets

Machine Learning

Databricks provides a unified analytics platform that unifies data science, engineering and business with an extensive library of machine learning algorithms, interactive notebooks to build and train. We can kick start your ML project using on of several industry specific enablers.

IoT Analytics

Find actionable insights by collecting and analyzing high-velocity sensor and time-series data in real-time. Integrate with your operational systems, to get the value out of your data.

Why Choose Databricks?



A new Apache Spark environment can be launched in minutes and integrate with other Azure services



Instantly scale up or down to either reducing costs or gain extra capacity whenr equired.



Your data and business are protected with Azure Active Directory integration, allowing for role-based control and peace of mind. User permissions also enables secure access to Databricks notebooks, clusters, jobs and data.



Choose from several languages such as  Python, Scala, R and SQL.


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What features are available with Azure Databricks?

An interactive workspace enables data engineers, data scientists, and business users to collaborate and comment on shared projects as a team.


Integrate with a wide variety of data stores and services such as Azure SQL Data Warehouse, Azure Cosmos DB, Azure Data Lake Storage, Azure Event Hubs, and Azure Data Factory. Enable single sign-on with Azure AD to unlock role-based controls. Discover and share your insights quickly and easily by connecting to Azure Databricks with Power BI.


Build, train, and deploy AI models using GPU-enabled clusters. Machine learning comes  preinstalled and preconfigured with deep learning frameworks and libraries such as TensorFlow, Keras, and XGBoost.


Azure Databricks supports languages such as Python, Scala, R, and SQL so you can use your existing skills to start building and leverage a comprehensive set of analytics technologies including SQL, Streaming, MLlib, and GraphX.


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