6 reasons why you should move your analytical solution to Azure

I think we all can agree that Data and Analytics is a major driver in the current on going digital transformation. There is off course a lot of challenges that must be addressed along the way and one of the first decisions that needs to be made, is if you should go cloud (or not). We listed our top reasons for going to the cloud in an earlier post, here.

Our preferred cloud is Microsoft Azure, here’s the top 6 reasons why;

  1. Commercial – The two realistic competitors right now often have competing interests with end customers in search or e-commerce.
  2. Recognition factor – the interface of Microsoft Azure feels familiar even if you are new to it. This might sound like an unimportant reason, but it is not. You will likely make fewer mistakes and start innovating faster!
  3. Power BI – Since Microsoft released Power BI some five years ago, it has quickly eaten into the competition. Ease of use, pricing and the functionality that end users is asking for makes up for a great product that is tightly integrated with the rest of the Analytic resources in Azure.
  4. Synapse – There are a lot of great analytical databases out there, but the roadmap and integration with Power BI, ML and AI makes Synapse our choice.
  5. Security – As we all know security is nothing if it is to hard to set up and manage. Microsoft has in our opinion made it very easy – by integrating Azure AD into the resources and data models gives administrators the ability to manage access down to row level.
  6. Roadmap – Since Microsoft started with Azure, Analytics has always been a big part of their offering. They have kept delivering great easy to use solutions that adds value to customers and looking at their roadmap a lot is still to come.

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